The moving lunch break in your company with smovey®!

Excercise is great and refeshes body and mind. Exercise at the workplace is recommended by experts. But not many people are using the break for exercise. Also between long working sessions or long periods of sitting at a PC exercise is beneficial.

Especially after a lunch break the performance of the employees drops significantly. With the „moving lunchbreak“ employees can become fit again. A few minutes are enough.


Make the smoveyRINGS available to your employees and offer them the „moving lunch break“. Call us on 02962 974973 or send an email to kontakt(at) and arrange your appointment.

The benefits:

-    Motivated employees
-    Less sickness because of better health
-    Higher concentration and higher productivity


This is how it works:

Arrange an appointment and we will come to your company (50 km from 59939 Olsberg) and we show you and your employees effective short exercises with the smoveyRINGS.


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