smovey® for everyone

There are many ways smovey® can be used for health and fitness.


The new trend! smoveyRINGS are an all-round fitness tool for both indoors and out. Many exercises have been developed for smovey® and they are offered in leading fitness studios and wellness hotels.
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Weight loss with smovey®

Great successes in losing weight have been achieved using smovey®. The pounds drop off during the workout and it is also lots of fun. Start the 8-week training programm! Some people have already lost more than 45 kg with smovey®.

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Elderly people

It is very important to retain mobility when getting old. Self-reliance and quality of life depends on mobility. Good coordination reduces the danger of falling. With smovey® all this can be retained in old age. smovey® training can be carried out seated.

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Mama & Baby

Young mothers can train easily with smovey®.  Babies enjoy smovey® too. Walk with your baby in the baby carrier and swing with the rings. Your baby will feel the pleasant vibrations of the smoveyRINGS.

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School and kindergarten

By now around 1,9 million children and teens are overweight. With smovey® excercise can be integrated into the classroom easily. Kids will be vitalised, the learning efficiency and attention will be improved.

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Positive experience with smovey® has been recorded. Also disabled people can train with smovey® or can be rolled with smovey®.

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