smovey® - a large family – become smoveyCOACH or smoveyANGEL

The smoveyFAMILY is growing steadily. Already 1600 smoveyCOACHES and smoveyANGELS (1200 in Austria, 400 in Germany) have been trained and everday their number is increasing.

Are you also fascinated by your smoveyRINGS and you don’t want to give them back anymore? Have you already recommended smovey® to your family and friends? Then why not become a smoveyANGEL or smoveyCOACH?

Build yourself a second income through the selling of smoveyRINGS or giving classes (only when doing the coach training) in part- or full time. You can arrange your time freely and without any commitments.


Recommend smovey® to your friends, relatives or customers.The best of all is that you recommend an absolute top product which has already helped many people and improved their health and quality of life.

Everyday the demand for smovey® is increasing and therefore also the demand for smoveyCOACHES and smoveyANGELS. The future prospects and opportunity to earn money is therefore very high. Be part of it from the beginning and you have a great chance of being successful very soon.  



If you want to start small become a smoveyANGEL and take part e.g. at a swing&smile get to know workshop. It takes about 2 – 2,5 hours and you will learn the proper usage of the rings, the effectiveness and history. After that you can obtain a year licence and you can sell smoveyRINGS yourself. You can use your obtained knowledge by giving smoveyWALKs in small trainings in the hobby and amateur sport. We can also train you to become a smoveyANGEL individually. Call us on 02962 974973 or send us an email.




The smoveyCOACH training is the first step to become a trainer and to lead groups and classes. You will then be a licensed trainer of the smoveyACADEMY and you can hold swing&smile workshops, smoveyWALKS, organisation of exercise programms for all target groups e.g.: people with Parkinson’s, Multiples sclerosis, diabetes, rheuma, with overweight, recreational athletes etc. You can obtain your one year’s license and you can sell the smoveyRINGS too.



We are happy to advise you.

If you decide to join the smoveyFAMILY I will send you more information.

IMPORTANT: If you contact smovey® directly through their website please let them know the smoveyCOACH ID number of Marika Matanisiga.

smoveyCOACH Nummer: DE 230

For the smovey® GmbH it is important to know how you got to smovey®. Also I am your first point of contact and supporter when it is about smovey®.

If you have any questions, please conatct me on 02962 974973. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Marika Matanisiga


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