smoveyRINGS – you got your health in your hands

With smoveyRINGS you can actively support your health. smoveyRINGS – weighing 500 gr each – combine fitness, health and weight loss in one. With smoveyRINGS you will feel better. smovey® means SWING, MOVE and SMILE.



smoveyRINGS create a 60 hertz frequency

smovey® gives more energy and well-being. smoveyRINGS can create a freaquency up to 60 hertz. This frequency often occurs in the human body. 
The 60 hertz frequency is created by four rolling steel balls inside the smoveyRING.


The smoveyEFFECT – the benefits at one glance

Fatburning – activates 97% of the whole musculature = fatburning
Vitalises – vitalises more than 100 million somatic cells
Connective tissue – tightens the connective tissue – effectively against cellulite
Digestive system – mobilises the digestive system
Metabolism – promotes the metabolism
Purification – massages and relieves the lymph sytem
Immune system – strengthens the immune system and the work of the thymus gland
Cardiovascular system – strenghtens the cardiovascular system
Relaxation – loosens tenssion in the neck, shoulders and back
Brain – can enhance the coordination by connecting both sides of the brain. Better coordination reduces falls which can be dangerous especially in old age.


The parkinson‘s disease lead to the development of the rings.

The smoveyRINGS have been developed by Johann Salzwimmer, a tennis instructor from Austria. He fell ill with Parkinson’s disease and experienced how the illness advanced more and more. He started fighting his illness and after long meticulously work he invented the smoveyRINGS. He got his quality of life back.

Johann Salzwimmer acepted his illness and wanted to stabilize his health. He developed the vibroswing system and holistic movement and life method call smovey®. Today he is able to live a good quality of life with minimum drugs.


Production in an integrated workshop – „for people – from people“
The smoveyRINGS are produced in an integration workshop in Weyer, Austria by people with light physical and mental impairment. „For people – from people“

Thererfore you will receive:

-    Rings „Handmade in Austria“
-    A quality product due to quality control after each production step
-    The original from Austria
-    Uniqueness due to colour, form and appearance.
-    An optimal working swing ring system
-    You help people who have difficulties to obtain work in the job market


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