smovey® studies

The smovey® GmbH works together with doctors, scientists, universities and hospitals. Small research projects as well as studies about smovey® are realised in order to analyse the effects of smovey®

Independent scientific studies show the positive effects of smovey®.

At the moment two studies are being carried out:

Observational study at the University of Heidelberg (Germany) – subject: breast cancer
Observational study at the medical University of Vienna – subject: cancer

Already published results:

„smovey® and its use in the neurology“ by Prim Dr. Dieter Volc (neurologist)
„smovey® in the orthopedics“ by Univ. Prof. Hans Tilscher (orthopaedic) and Dr. Christoph Michlmayer

There are also many testimonials of smovey users.

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