Courses and Parties - there are many ways to learn more about smovey®

We are very happy that you would like to get to know about smovey®. You have differnt possibilites:

-    Take part in a free trial
-    Come to our smoveyWALK
-    Organise your smoveyPARTY at your home
-    Order your smoveyRINGS and start yourself
-    Become a smoveyANGEL or smoveyCOACH and part of the smoveyFAMILY


You don’t have the possibility of taking part at smoveyWALKS, free trials or parties? Become a smoveyCOACH and organise your own workshops. Become a part of the smoveyFAMILY. Call me on 02962 974973. We will be happy to advise you. Marika Matanisiga (smoveyCOACH ID: DE 230)



order your smoveySTARTERSET with two rings, one training booklet and training DVD and discover smovey®. To the shop. Orders by telephone (02962 974973) or by fax (02962 974971) are also possible.

Free trial

Congratulations! You have decided to become fitter with smovey®. The use of smovey® is very easy and we are happy to show you the smoveyRINGS during our free trial.

We will meet at the parking near „Im Sichtern 37“ in 59939 Bigge / Olsberg. The times are always 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The dates of the free trial you will find below. After our 30 minutes free trial you can try the rings at the one hour smoveyWALK. The smoveyWALK is included in the free trial. You don’t have to pay the smoveyWALK fee. The free trial can only be booked once.

Send us an email to obtain the dates for the free trial.

After the course you will be able to buy your own set of smoveyRINGS for 99,90 Euro. There is of course no obligation to purchase the rings. If you want you can buy the rings beforehand in our shop and we will bring the rings to the free trial. To the shop.

smoveyWALK – one hour fitness and joy in nature

Come to our smoveyWALK. We will meet at the parking near „Im Sichtern 37“ in 59939 Olsberg / Bigge and we will walk from there for one hour through beautiful nature and landscapes with a fantastic view of Bigge and Olsberg. We will stop our walk in order to do different upper body exercises with our smoveyRINGS.

smoveyWALK – one hour fitness and joy in nature
1.    Stop: Exercise – horizontal swinging
2.    Stop: Exercise – lunge
3.    Stop: Exercise – body turning and lymph
4.    Stop: Exercise – sideways / parallel
5.    Stop: Exercise – criss cross
6.    Stop: Exercise – parallel

After one hour we will finish our smoveyWALK at the parking. We feel fresh and exhilatred and look forward to the next smoveyWALK. The smoveyWALK takes place in all types of weather. There is no bad weather only bad cloathing. smoveyWALKS are taking place at 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Send us an email for current courses.

Order through our shop or via Email your smoveyWALK. To the shop.

smoveyPARTY - get to know smovey® at your home!

Invite at least 10 friends or relatives and experience smovey® at your home. You organise your smoveyPARTY and we will show you the rings and will do exercises with you and your friends.
Get to know more about these wonderful rings and experience exercises which can be done easily by yourself.
smoveyPARTYS are offered in a radius of 50 km from 59939 Olsberg
Contact us to arrange your appointment.


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